Your first steps as a guest at Destination Circuit


Your first steps as a guest at Destination Circuit

You live in Le Mans or the surrounding area, within a maximum radius of 45 kilometres from the circuit, and you have one or more comfortable rooms in your accommodation? Then become a guest at our Destination Circuit agency for the different events taking place on the Le Mans circuit.
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  • bed-and-breakfast-le-mans
Be careful not to confuse bed and breakfast with a room at the inhabitant's house. For the first case, the renting is made by a professional of tourism who will have to provide breakfast or table d'hôtes, the supply of bed linen and towels. For the second case, the room is rented by a private individual, the renting can take place over a few nights and occasionally. But the room in a private home is also possible for a year-round rental, students court this type of accessible and family accommodation. The legal obligations are not the same and are more rigorous for a bed and breakfast! In both cases, the tenant and the owner are required to share certain living rooms (dining room, living room...) and may have private rooms such as a bathroom, toilet, kitchen... We remind you that for the rental of a room in a guest house, the room must be located in the landlord's accommodation, its minimum surface area must be 9 m² and it must be furnished.

Destination Circuit is the one and only travel agency legal and approved by the Automobile Club de l'Ouest on the Le Mans circuit: this allows us to benefit from an excellent referencing, a certain notoriety in the motorsports world, and thus to make you benefit from it. Our agency takes care of the management of the reservations of your property, the invoicing of the customers and the payments of your services.

Our agency takes care of proposing your property to our customers when their demand matches your offer. If the customer selects your property, we give you a few hours to confirm your availability and therefore the reservation. Then, we take care of everything! We take care of communicating to the client your contact details, your access map as well as the reception conditions and the client will contact you a few days before his arrival in order to agree on the modalities, notably the arrival time. About the payment of the services, you will receive a deposit within a few days once the reservation is validated and the balance once the event is over.

Your commitments and imperative conditions to be registered in our agency

  • Be available during the 24 Hours Auto and/or Le Mans Classic (even years event)
  • Validating our "10 Commandments of Host" charter
  • Provide basic products: towels, sheets, soap, toilet paper...
  • Serving breakfast for the occupants
  • Rent your house with a room for yourself OR make your entire accommodation available with cleaning service and breakfast.
  • Your registration is free and no commission is charged. The commission is paid by the tenant.
  • You undertake to notify us either by email or by telephone as soon as your accommodation is no longer available for each event selected. You have no commitment of exclusivity, you are free to rent your property by any other means but it is imperative that you inform us of your availability in real time.

Laws and taxes

  • Legislation :
"All miscellaneous premises that can accommodate people staying and sleeping there are subject to ERP regulations as from the reception of 15 people or 7 minors (staff/family not included)". The number of people accommodated in the house must not exceed 15 people for safety reasons and fire standards.
  • Taxes :
Article 35 bis of the CGI provides that persons who rent or sublet part of their main dwelling are exempt from income tax:
  • for rental income when the rented rooms constitute for the lessee or sub-lessee his principal residence when furnished and the rental price is set within reasonable limits (CGI, art. 35 bis-I)
  • when the products of the usual rental to persons not electing domicile there (bed and breakfast) do not exceed 760 € per year (CGI, art. 35 bis-II)
A tourist tax is a tax that your municipality may charge on room rentals. The amount of the tourist tax and its modalities vary according to the municipality. They generally apply to the price of accommodation and other related costs, such as cleaning costs or costs per additional traveller: in some places, the tourist tax is calculated per person and per night. In general, the tourist tax is paid by the traveller, but the obligation to remit the taxes to the government usually lies with the host. We expect our guests to familiarize themselves with and respect their local laws and regulations. As a Destination Circuit host, if you feel you need to collect a tourist tax, you must incorporate it into your price per night. If you feel that you need to collect any other tax, you must include it in your price per night. Guests should not collect tourist taxes regardless of these jurisdictions, and we expect all our guests to comply with the tax laws in force in their jurisdiction.


En cas de casse, détérioration ou vol, c'est votre propre assurance qui intervient. L'agence ne saurait être tenue pour responsable en cas de casse, détérioration ou vol. C'est la raison pour laquelle nous demandons aux personnes désirant louer leurs chambres via notre agence de rester sur place pendant la durée du séjour de nos clients, afin de garantir un accueil et une présence.