Cancellation inssurance


Cancellation Solution Insurance for travel, transport, accommodation, ticketing...

Conditions of subscription :

Duration of the contract: temporary contract up to 4 months.
Type of service: travel, transport, accommodation, ticketing, etc.
Subscriber: an individual.
People living in France (including Guadeloupe, Guyana, Martinique, Mayotte, Reunion and Saint-Barthélemy), in a country of the European Union or one of the following countries: Andorra, Liechtenstein, Principality of Monaco, Saint-Martin, Switzerland or Vatican City).

Area of coverage : 

Worldwide excluding countries under international financial sanctions decided by the European Union and/or the United Nations and the following countries: Afghanistan, North Korea, Iraq, Somalia, Iran, Sudan and Syria.
Subscription deadline:
On the day of booking (for ticketing) or within two working days of booking at the latest (for travel, transport and accommodation).




Reimbursement of cancellation fees in the event of :

- illness, accident or death of the insured or a member of his/her family (including relapse or aggravation of a previous condition noted before the booking)
- serious damage to the insured's home, business premises or vehicle
- summons for an organ transplant or a university exam
- redundancy, finding a job, professional transfer
Specific events for travel, accommodation and transport:
- accident or breakdown of means of transport
- refusal of a tourist visa
- modification of holidays by the employer*, - theft of identity papers
- theft of identity papers*, etc.
- summons to adopt a child
- contraindication or consequences of vaccination

Specific events for ticketing:

- birth of a child or grandchild of the insured
- summons to appear before a court
Deductibles: 10% of the amount of the cancellation fee (minimum 5 e and maximum 45 e / person or ticket)
* 25% of the amount of the cancellation fee (minimum 150 e / person)