Hospitality Charter


The 10 Commandments of the Hosting Provider

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The accommodation provider must welcome its tenants, serve or provide breakfast and bed and bathroom linen for all the occupants of the rented rooms (see details points 3, 6 and 7).


The host must respect all the conditions validated with our agency and the details of the services provided for the current year (type of beds, number of rooms, number of bathrooms etc...). These services can only be modified with prior notification and agreement from our agency.

In case of modification not validated by our agency, "Destination Circuit" cannot be held responsible for any damage caused to the tenants due to these modifications.


The host must welcome his tenants with sympathy and friendliness. In the event that the host cannot be available himself, the host undertakes to find a third party who knows the place of accommodation well and who can welcome the customers on the days and at the times planned.


The tenants arrive at the hostel by their own means. Please be aware that sometimes it will not be easy for them to come to you. Our agency provides them with a voucher with an access map showing precise directions from the circuit to your house and vice versa. The accommodation provider must remain absolutely available by telephone on the day of arrival in order to be able to guide his clients if necessary.

The voucher is the document that will be the proof of the reservation in case of any problem on arrival. The accommodation provider must request this document from the tenants on arrival.


The host must spend a few minutes to inform about the rules of life within his family. You will have the opportunity to define the following points (non-exhaustive list):

Use of the telephone and Internet: to be defined with your tenant.
Schedules: desired time for breakfast / expected time of return .
Keys: when you give your tenant a copy of the keys to your home, remind him/her that they will be at his/her expense if he/she loses them (if you wish).
Conditions of access to the kitchen: inform your client about your usual hours of access to the kitchen (and ask him/her for his/her own).
Use of the bathroom (in case of shared bathroom): inform your tenant about your usual hours of access to the bathroom (and ask him/her for his/her own). The bathroom (as well as the kitchen) must obviously be kept in an impeccably clean state throughout the duration of the guests' stay.
Use of the washing machine and dryer: the tenant can use them only after having specified the conditions with you (and only if you wish).
Religion - Politics: your tenant may not share your views. Diversity makes for a rich exchange but can also be a source of conflict. Tolerance and respect are required.
Cigarette - Alcohol - Drugs - Theft - Assault: Any abuse characterized by the use of illegal substances will render you ineligible as a guest in our agency. Legal action may be taken against you by our agency in case of damage to our clients.
Miscellaneous information: If your tenant wishes, give him/her advice or information that may help or enhance his/her stay. A stay in a private home is also and above all to be able to communicate and share. If you have any questions, you can also direct them to the Circuit Conciergerie at (00.33) (0)


The rooms or accommodation made available to the tenant must be ABSOLUTELY ready upon arrival! Hygiene and tidiness are determining criteria and the environment must be healthy and pleasant for the well-being of the tenant. Beds must be made "blank" (sheets, blankets/duvets and clean pillows) as soon as the client arrives and clean towels (2 towels minimum) must be provided. The daily cleaning of the rented rooms and bathrooms is provided by the accommodation provider. Towels are to be changed every 2 or 3 days.


You are expected to welcome tenants of all nationalities and religious denominations. Each tenant must be able to "find his or her happiness" in the breakfast that you will offer. Thus, we advise you to offer a varied choice based on: coffee, tea, milk, chocolate, bread and/or rusks, butter, jam, fruit juice and/or fresh fruit, yoghurt. You can add if you wish and at your discretion: honey, cereals, cheese, various pastries, cold meats, eggs, etc... Remember to ask him/her about possible allergies and/or dietary restrictions, meal times, and whether or not he/she wishes to share your table.


If your tenant has any health problems, you can provide him/her with the contact details of a doctor or medical centre. Be aware that your host must have insurance that is adapted to his needs before leaving. Otherwise, only the person(s) travelling will be held responsible for the cost of any damage.


At the end of your stay, kindly ask or suggest that your tenant fill out and return the satisfaction survey that he will receive from us after his stay.


In the event of a dispute with clients, you must inform our agency as soon as possible (we are available 24 hours a day during all events). Destination Circuit cannot be held responsible in case of undeclared dispute.

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